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Unique Bathroom Renovations and Designs in Canberra, ACT

There are many different options available when it comes to bathroom renovations in Canberra. These include the more traditional approach of renovating your entire bathroom or simply updating one aspect that you find is lacking in style or function. Bathroom Renovations Canberra has been working with Canberra homeowners for years and can help with any renovation project, no matter how big or small.

bathroom renovators in Canberra

They offer a free consultation so that they can get an idea of what it is you’re looking for in your Canberra bathroom renovation. This will also allow them to provide cost estimates based on what you have said about your desired renovations. Below are some bathroom renovations styles that are unique and in trend.

Grand Bathrooms

Having grand bathrooms that are overly spacious is coming in trend. Canberra Bathroom Renovations Specialist can help you with this Canberra bathroom renovation style. Open floor plans and custom designed bathrooms to accommodate large tubs or spas and room for a walk-in wardrobe are perfect for grand Canberra bathrooms.

This trend has been popular for a while and continues to be one of the top Canberra bathroom renovations styles today! You may already have an idea of what it is that draws you into grand bathroom designs, which could make life easier when it comes to your Canberra bathroom renovation project.

Unique lighting fixtures

Having unique lighting fixtures like a chandelier or pendant light is a great way to add personality to your Canberra bathroom renovation. It can also be a functional addition as task lighting for shaving or putting on makeup. Canberra homeowners are getting creative with their bathroom renovations, with new trends including unique lighting fixtures.

If your bathroom doesn’t get enough natural light, adding unique lighting will help enhance its beauty! There are so many compelling examples of bathrooms with beautiful lights that have been added for this purpose – from hanging pendants over vanities or bathtubs to full chandeliers made out of reclaimed elements.

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Vintage designs

Some vintage designs are slowly coming back in style. You can bring the vintage back by having a vintage style bathtub, which you can find in Canberra. They also offer a range of vintage style taps and mixers to add the perfect finishing touch.

Crisp and clean

Crisp and clean bathroom designs are slowly taking over Canberra bathrooms. Having everything in a plain pure white colour has its benefits – it’s fresh, clean and easy to match with accessories! Canberra bathrooms are slowly starting to lean towards this look as it is versatile, easy to accessorise, meaning you can change its style quickly and often.

Bold designs

Some are also into bold designs like walls painted black or dark green. If that’s your thing, go for it! Canberra bathroom renovations specialists can make it happen. Bold designs and colours help your bathroom stand out from the rest of the house and improve the home’s overall look.

Marble designs

Marbles have become a huge trend today as they always look stylish and add a sophisticated touch to any room. Marble surfaces throughout the bath space, including floors, are another way Canberra homeowners create their dream bathroom renovations.

Fireplace in the bathroom

Finally, another notable trend is having a fireplace in the bathroom. Not only does it bring so much style to the bathroom, but it also provides a warm and comfortable atmosphere. If you’re looking to add this extra touch to your bathroom, Canberra bathrooms can give you all the necessary supplies and installation services.

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Canberra Bathroom Renovations Specialist team is committed to providing you with a unique bathroom renovation that will turn your old, drab space into something truly spectacular. Whether it be an update on the shower or bathtub, adding a new sink and toilet, creating a feature wall for storage or lighting solutions, they have everything you need to create the perfect bathroom. It doesn’t matter if you want vintage designs or crisp and clean styles; bold designs, or marble finishes-they can accommodate all tastes! If you are looking for professional advice from their experienced designers about what would work best for your home, then call them today. They look forward to hearing from you soon!