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At Canberra Bathroom Renovations, we have different bathroom designs that we can install. We frequently get asked, “What is the best bathroom design” and oftentimes, it can be a tricky question to answer without knowing someone’s particular preferences. So here at Canberra Bathroom Renovations, we have put together a collection of some of our favourite designs that showcase what we believe are achievable quality designs that will add value to anyone’s home.


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    What is a bathroom design, and what does it entail?

    A bathroom design generally is a plan or layout for the space available in the bathroom, including the functional aspect of the room. It will include information such as where items are placed, storage requirements, lighting requirements and flow through the room, among other things. Whether it is a small renovation or complete redesign, we can assist you in creating your dream.
    At Canberra Bathroom Renovations, we give our clients advice on what design will suit their bathrooms.
    Here at Canberra Bathroom Renovations, we believe that proper planning is the key to a beautiful bathroom renovation. We have seen many renovations where people have tried to work with an older plan or without any plan at all, and it just has not worked out.

    How to choose the right colour scheme for your bathroom

    Choosing the right colour scheme for your bathroom is crucial for your bathroom renovation, but by planning ahead, you can ensure that your bathroom looks stunning and will be the envy of all who visit. The time to start planning is now or at least before you contact any renovators.
    It doesn’t matter if you are renovating a full bathroom suite; just the walls; only the flooring; one wall; everything really – choosing colour schemes can be done quickly and efficiently if you follow this simple guide:
    If you’ve recently renovated, then most of your accessories will already match in some way, which means that finding new colours won’t be difficult. For example, if you have white cupboards, then simply a complementary coloured tile for your walls.

    A bathroom design with cabinets and glass door

    Tips on how you can get the most out of small bathrooms

    Small bathrooms can be tricky to design, so here are some tips to help you on your way:

    Get rid of the clutter: It’s easy for bathrooms to get cluttered, so try to remove things such as towels, racks; shelving, etc. If it isn’t needed, then it doesn’t need to be there! Make sure that cabinets and mirrors don’t block doorways.

    Another tip for designing small bathrooms is to avoid deep soaks in baths or showers by installing an elevated showerhead or a handheld fixture. They are great for keeping the whole bathroom floor dry!

    Do not use mirrors: Mirrors can make any room look bigger, but in this case, they’re the opposite of what you need. Unless you have a massive mirror, it will simply draw attention to how small your bathroom is and further emphasise its tight space. Remember that all rooms need some form of natural light, so try adding windows if there isn’t any.

    A bathroom with a bathtub and blue walls

    Choosing the right bathroom design

    Choosing a bathroom design that suits your home and lifestyle is the key to ensuring that your bathroom will last for years to come. By knowing what style you want, how much space you have available and who will be using the room, you can be sure to create a bathroom design that works for everyone.
    If you are unable to make a choice by yourself, it is good that you consult a professional company like ours, which has the best designers in Canberra. We can give you advice on what style will suit your home and preferences to ensure that your choices are the right ones.

    A luxurious bathroom design

    What are some of the most popular styles for bathrooms today?

    The most common design choice for bathrooms is modern designs with light colour schemes, while dark colours are usually reserved for more masculine spaces such as rooms, dens and garages. Some of the latest styles for designing your bathrooms include:

    Bold, Bright or Neutral – Bathrooms have been going with a range of new colours to choose from, including lime green, orange, black and grey. In terms of design, you can use tiles in bold patterns to create a focal point in the middle of the room. To keep the look clean and simple, you can use matte finishes with bright colours on smaller tiles for a two-tone appearance.

    Soft & Calming: Using soft colours is still popular, but instead of going overboard on bright main colours, you can add some neutrals with small pops of colour. The most common colour for this style is light blue, which, when painted together, will make your bathroom feel calm and serene when combined with white cabinets, ceilings and fittings.

    Why Choose Us?

    At Canberra Bathroom Renovations, we are committed to providing our customers with an exceptional level of service. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured, so you know your home is in safe hands.
    Canberra Bathroom Renovations has years of experience in bathroom renovations. Our professional team will listen to all your ideas and work hard to turn them into a reality while always adhering to your budget. We have all the skills required for this process, including carpentry, plumbing & electrical installations, tiling or painting.
    Our dedicated customer service team can assist you from design through to project completion and beyond. We are here every step of the way to ensure that we exceed your expectations when it comes to fitting out your bathroom renovation in Canberra.


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